Business information

With our company policy “We bring people health and happiness through the food”, we work to supply the real taste of fresh fruit and vegetables. We deliver the messages from producers to the consumers and trying to contribute to the people and society by giving fruitful future the next generations.

As a wholesale market company

We are the wholesaler based on Ohta market, buying and supplying various kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables for the demand on customers. We are the professional buyers with a good a connoisseur so that we can supply the freshness with reasonable price to the consumers.
What makes Funasho different
Good communication with farmer
We always have a communication with farmers to understand the items, even out of season.
Understanding the demand
Based on the long and deep experience, we propose the best seasonal items needed by the consumers.
Supply chain management
We focus on supply chain management with IT to deliver the fresh fruit and vegetables to the consumers safely and efficiently.

Export Business

The knowledges of fruit and vegetables, strong connection with farmers, outstanding sourcing power – these are the key for our export business. With these key strongness, we export Japan fresh fruit and vegetables to more than 7 countries. We supply the total service for export business, not only exporting delivery, as well as sourcing, sales activity and the support of the retail shop in each country.

E-Commerce “Seika”

What Seika offers is not only a taste of Japan fruit, but also the special gift box contains messages from farmers, beautiful great views of each area and the impression to have the seasonal fruit.
Although our lifestyle would be changed, we would like to leave the rich culture of having fruit to the next generation, such as the fruitful life with various kinds of taste.

The Funahso Group

We have 100% subsidiary to create the new value of the food, “Farm Station co., Ltd.”, “Funasho GLOBAL CARGO co., Ltd.” and “f. dinning Co., Ltd.”

Food processing and packaging

We have the professional team for packaging to supply upon request from supermarkets. And we have the development team for the consumer convenience, such as cut vegetables etc.


We proudly deliver the fresh fruit and vegetables, thus we always care about the supply-chain.
We regard our professional drivers are also part of salesperson, who has a responsibility to deliver the right items on time with appropriate temperature.

Restaurant Business

We directly manage the restaurant as a wholesaler to supply the seasonal of fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers. We provide the “taste of supreme” with our seasonal items, serving breakfast to dinner, casual café to the fine full-course menu.