Always with vegetables and fruits Enrich your life and future

Image representing Funasho's philosophy

Funasho’s mind

We always care of your smile with "deliciousness"

Funasho have adapted to the changing of world to supply qualified fresh fruit and vegetables for 100 years. We would like to contribute to your life and society, we keep trying to be a company which can offers an outstanding value.

Salute Kitchen

Seasonal items and dishes

We introduce seasonal fruit and vegetables and dishes with recipes.

Encyclopedia of fruit and vegetables.

We introduced seasonal fruit and vegetables by month,
explaining the taste and difference of each item with interesting information,
such as how to choose the tasty one, preparing and cutting.

野菜と果物事典のイメージ 野菜と果物事典のイメージ

For celebrating the centennial year of our company, we made a new-designed symbol mark.

The meaning of the Funasho logo
The ship:Symbolizes overcoming stormy waves and sailing forward toward our goals
The chikara 力 (strength) character on the sail:Symbolizes combining our strengths with teamwork

In 2014, we were born as Funasho Shoten in Kanda market, now we become a centennial company as “Funasho Co., Ltd.” There was a ship (“Funa“in Japanese) in our original company mark standing for supplying the fresh fruit and vegetables, finally marked 100 years with farewell for the next shipment.