About corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Funasho is convinced that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important factor to be a part of community, therefore we must be a trustworthy company in order to realize sustained growth as a member of the community. Today, in a world in which scandals, environmental issues, food safety, and other issues are taken increasingly seriously in society, we believe that sustained growth can be achieved by companies that earn society’s trust through proactive pursuit of CSR, not just profits.
We promote CSR activities based on our vision “We deliver health and happiness through the food” and our management philosophy: “We must be the trusted company from you”. At all times, we will think about, and faithfully carry out, what we can do for society and our customers. We aim to increase employee value (learning and growth) through management in which all take part.
We collaborated withfamous paralym artist KOTO for our centennial album, and also her art is printed in the package of our E-commerce fruit gift “Seika” as well. Seika donated Jy5 per each order to the organization for supporting the people with disabilities. Furthermore, we support various activities for youth, such as “Gotouchi! Zeppin Umaimono Senshu-ken (Taste the Local! High school cooking championship)” which the high school students create the unique recipes with the ingredients from their hometown, or international sumo tournament for kids “Hakuho-Cup”.