To Our Producers


We believe that the trust is most important factor forbuilding long-term relations between farmers and wholesalers like us.
On this point, Funasho, which got its start in the Kanda Market in 1924 as Funasho Shohten, we regularly visit farm to understand the products and farmer.
We have remarkable history with numerous producers over many years.
Our target is to develop even better products with a quick feedback to farmers for the latest trends in consumers’ demands.

Logistics system

  • Producer area
  • Inspection
  • Delivery
  • Retailers

From the procurement to the delivery to retail store. The Funasho Group can handle it all

The Funasho Group is responsible for delivering to retailers fresh fruits and vegetables grown with care by farmers and producers.
Through the thorough cold-chain logistics, we deliver the products across Japan while keeping it fresh.
You can trust us with the logistics for your valuable fruits and vegetables since we deliver them while keeping them fresh and delicious.

Extensive sales network and trading volume
  • Number of retailers served by Funasho
    about 1,000 stores
  • Funasho’s annual vegetable trading volume
    about 13,550 t
  • Funasho’s annual fruit trading volume
    about 17,732 t

An extensive sales network around the greater Tokyo area

Though recently the domestic production of fruits and vegetables are decreasing, our business volume keeps growing thanks to the strong relationship and trust we build with farmers and producers.
No matter how delicious a fruit or vegetable may be, some of it will remain unsold if the producer is unable to sell it to enough customers.
Funasho offers extensive sales routes, including supermarkets nationwide, based on relations of trust built up over many years.



Delivering carefully excellent products to the world

Same like us, our contracted farmers nationwide always seek on delivering safe, reliable, delicious products to customers.
We work together with contracted farmers to produce and deliver new products, while also trying various growing methods to find best way in pursuit of delicious taste.

Import / Export business

Export business with heart and understand the local business situation.

At present, our export business is centered in Asia, expanding and covering many countries.

We regularly visit importers, retailers, and consumers in each country, to understand local markets and regulations.

Rather than simply selling products, Funasho hopes to positively influence the healthy choice of every consumer in the future through agricultural products.
Also undertake the corporate social responsibility of sustainable farm planting.

Funasho’s strengths in export are its freshness-preserving transport and product proposal capabilities.

Funasho hopes to build a bridge between farmers and consumers through export business.

Export countries/regions

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.

Export products


apple, shine muscat, strawberry, melon, pear, peach, citrus, etc.


sweet potato, Chinese yam, onion, pumpkin, cabbage, lotus root, etc.