Funasho Centennial History

Funasho was born in 1924 as a fresh fruit and vegetables wholesaler “Funasho Shouten”, and finally celebrates centennial anniversary in 2024. Let us see our 100 years in various way

See timeline of Funasho for 100 years

From Funasho born to the centennial company

We started from Kanda market in 1924

Funasho started its history since 1924, derived from the historical company “Funasada” which derives from edo-period. We have been regarded as a respective wholesaler in Kanda market. In 1989, the year also known as first year of Heisei period, Kanda market is moved to Ota market.
Yasuto and Susumu Sekino, our first chairman and present chairman joined the opening ceremony of Ota market. Funasho moved to its head office to the inside of Ota market. In this period the business to supermarket was sharply increased, marked 50% of annual sales. In 1991 we completed new head office, and marked annual sales more than JY10 billion.
In 1992, Susumu Sekino became CEO, and Yasuto Sekino become the chairman of Funasho. In 1997 Funasho celebrated 30 years anniversary, and issued the memorial book named “Iku-San-Ga (How many mountains and rivers)”.

As a pioneer of fresh fruit and vegetables business

Funasho has been seeking to deliver the fresh items on time, in 2000s, we enhance the fresh-control system through IT technology. In 2011 Yutaka Sekino took CEO, and completed FCC-1 cold chain delivery center. After that, Funahso established new companies “Farm Station” which engaged in packaging and product development, also “Global Cargo” for the logistics. Funasho established the own business style.
Funasho launched overseas operation division to enhance the export business in 2018. Also Launched a new company “f.dinning” for starting B to C business, and also established E-commerce business “SEIKA” brand. In 2023 Funasho opened the new restaurant “DEK” in Aoyama area in Tokyo, for telling the real taste of fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers. And finally celebrated centennial moment in June 2024.
Opening ceremony of Ota Market
Completion of Funasho head office building
Completion of FCC-1 cold chain logistics center.

Look back 100 years of Funasho with photos

The 100 years since born in Kanda in 1924. In 1924, most of the fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered by the car on the dirt truck. Let us look back the 100 years history together.

Funasho in the period of high economic growth (1955-1973)

The Kanda market in the period of high economic growth. The “東印” seen in right side stands for Tokyo Seika company.
The “〇一” sign stands for Tokyo Maru-Ichi company merged with Tokyo Seika company in 1967.
The flatting-out Daihatsu Midget in and outside of Kanda market, 1960s
The south gate seen from Akihabara department building. Kande Seika, Maru-ichi, Tokyo-Seika, 3 companies are seen.
The testimonial of gratitude from National Confederation of Small Business Associations
The The testimonial of gratitude to Yasuto Sekino
People living around Kanda market.
The crowded market
The watermelon delivered to the market. Sometimes they were broken.
The promotion of Kishu-Mikan.
The Kanda Festival, which the first president deeply loved.
The Kanda festival with many people.

The Thriving Kanda Market and Funasho

The Kanda market with multistoried.
1966: Established Banana storage center in Hanabatake
Maebashi sales branch office in 1960s
The motored car called “Turret track”
Awarded as a contributor by the governor of Tokyo.
The first chairman awarded as a contributor

The deepest gratitude for 100 years, and Funahso from now on.

The goal of Funasho Group is “contribution to the people and society through the foods, and deliver the fruitful future to the next generation”. We launched e-commerce website Seika in 2022. In 2023, we opened DEK restaurant in Aoyama Tokyo to taste the seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables directly supplied from Ota market. We try to cultivate the greater interest to the fruit and vegetables through supplying the fresh, seasonal and tasty items, and confront the succession problem.
Funasho is the brave ship toward to the next 100 years, ship steadily but sometimes boldly, moved by the passion of Funasho members, to deliver the best seasonal fresh items with lots of love from producers to the shops and consumers.